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Art Therapy Schools: A Solution to Wellness

Do you believe in the power of art as a healing agent? Perhaps you might be surprised to hear that there is actually a brand of aperture called art therapy because more often than not, just like everybody else, you think self expression is just a form of self expression and nothing more than that. In the past couple of years, art therapy schools have changed the meaning of how people define artistry and how it influences people’s lives. When you ask these people, they will tell you that art therapy schools makes use of craftsmanship and all its therapeutic effects on people who have undergone illness, trauma or life-challenges that they thought they could not go through.Did you know that creating abstraction helps people discover more about themselves and their capacity to do things? Well, this is the governing principle of people who are running art therapy schools. They help other people realize that they can heal through art production. The making art and the process of how one does such is known as an effective tool in helping a person overcome sadness of the terrible trauma that they have experienced. People go about a lot of dysfunctional events in their lives that do not really help in enabling them to cope up with the demands of the modern world. By simple enrolling in art therapy schools, a person will be able to become more aware of themselves and that is one of the aspects of a person that should be developed because if not, sadly, one is detached from the reality.Art schools rankings have included art therapy schools especially because people have now recognized the great role that these schools are playing in maintain a peaceful and healthy community of people. Through the art that they produce, they are able to cope up with the struggles and challenges that life has to offer them. The process of learning is better enjoyed when they are doing it through art production because not only are they producing works of art but they are enjoying the whole process of it as well. No other type of learning and therapy can provide such convenience and help. Creating art is indeed pleasurable and helpful all at the same time.Art therapy schools have been recently included in the art school rankings because the American Art Therapy Association have purposely led themselves out there to promote how art explicitly helps people discover the inner artists in them and at the same time encourage them to bring themselves out there to face the challenges of the real life. In addition to the helpful benefits that art education provides, the association of art schools has also implemented the standards of art therapy as an educational system to ensure that all those who practice teaching art as a form of therapy are guided.Art schools have been institutionalized purposely to provide comfort to people who find themselves in the middle of a personal crisis. Sometimes, it is in the act of having faith in art that people are able to see themselves through the traumatic event. Art schools have continuously provided people with the help that they need and that makes all the difference.

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Escape! Travel to New Hampshire

I recently followed one of my escapist temptations and steered my VW Bug toward New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. I attempted to travel light, but after a bit of research, I found my car quite stocked:1. Fishing Rods (there was a bass out there with my name on it).
2. 1 Tent (I actually booked a New Hampshire Hotel Room, but felt as if the trip deserved a tent)
3. Costco-sized bag of Trail Mix (aprox. 10 lbs.)
4. Extra Fluffy Down Pillows
5. A laptop with EVDO broadband card (we all gotta stay connected somehow)
6. A hammock I picked up on the way out
7. My flatmate Alan (aprox. 245 lbs)
8. A suitcase filled with clothing and a wool jacket.
9. Hiking boots
8. Alan’s stuff (mostly consisted of two thirty racks of beer)We filled the silence of the five hour drive with Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hits. You know you’ve crossed over to the Granite State’s highways when they become lined with a surplus of gun shops and discount liquor stores. More blatant were the thousand or so bikers that cut past us on Route 93.They growled by on packs of silver and black Harleys; I imagined them off to some grass-and-dirt battlefield to clash with a rival gang. Turns out it was Laconia Motorcycle Week, an annual June rally for the displaying of bikes and girls and the consuming of copious amounts of beer. Alan wanted to go, but I decided against it.Just as the sun dipped below the horizon we arrived at beautiful Steele Hill Resorts, set amongst 500 acres of unspoiled fields and hardwood forests, and perched proudly on top of New Hampshire’s lakes Region. We were hungry from traveling, and were provided a fantastic meal in Steele Hill’s restaurant which offered stunning views of Lake Winnipesaukee and Lake Winnisquaum.I lay awake that night, amazed at how quiet the world was outside of the city. A symphony of crickets had replaced the subway trains and drunk revelers. I fell asleep well-traveled and ready to catch my bass in the morning.